Check Your Screen Time While Studying For IELTS Online

Noah Williams
3 min readApr 4


IELTS preparation is itself a hectic course. But, if you wish to study abroad, you must clear this test. And for that, you need willpower more than anything else.

However, will it be a wise decision to put your health at risk? Of course not. That is why you must monitor your study to get the best result. And when it comes to IELTS online preparation, maintaining screen time is the most crucial thing. But we have some tips for studying online without compromising your health. Let’s take a look at that.

Take Care Of Your Health While Studying IELTS Online

You have enrolled in the best IELTS online course. You also appear for those IELTS online tests without any cost. Everything seems great. But. when you look at your health, does it look good?

Moreover, your IELTS preparation will get hampered when your health does not support you. That is why we have put forward 5 tips you can follow to enrich your study.

  1. Monitor Your Screen Time With Apps

Before you start anything, not how long you are active on screen. Now, most android and iOS systems have in-built apps to monitor active screen hours. However, you have to change the settings as you require. And if you are not using your personal device, you can use the apps to maintain the screen time as well.

2. Take Notes With Pen And Paper

We get that, as you are studying an IELTS online course. But you also have to remember that you need to maintain your eyesight as well as your health. So, it will be better to read your content online and take notes with pen and paper. Therefore, when you complete the entire chapter, you will have your own study material in a copy. Now, you can read that instead of using any digital device.

3. Study In Groups

As you prepare for IELTS, there will be very few people who are going to share the same platform. And that is another reason for increased screen time. Therefore, if you can join a group where they are preparing for IELTS, you can cut your screen time. Even if you have a doubt, you can ask your fellow mates and get your facts checked. This way, you are cutting a huge amount of screen time.

4. Follow 30–20–10 Rule

Using too much screen time hampers the natural activity of the eyes. Our eyes dry out as they fail to produce tears while we are on screen. It can result in sore red eyes. That can be cured by following the 30–20–10 rule. You will be taking a 30-minute break to look at something that is placed 20 feet away from you and blink your eyes for 10 seconds. If possible, you can treat yourself to praise yourself for following the rule successfully.

5. Try Pomodoro Technique

As you prepare for IELTS, you will be taking the IELTS practice test online. Which means, you will be more active on screen than average. Now, what if we tell you that you can improve your learning as well as maintain your screen time?

You heard it right. The Pomodoro technique will help you to focus on your study better. To practice the technique, you will remove all the distractions from your sight and start studying by setting a time for 25 minutes. After the timer goes off, you will take your eyes off the screen. You can also take a walk or eat something for the next 5 minutes. And the process repeats.

These are some tips to decrease screen time while preparing for the IELTS online test. However, it is always up to your hand how you can maintain your screen time without any distractions and earn the highest bands.



Noah Williams